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On-line health content from Concept Communications is licensed by hospitals & healthcare organizations throughout the United States.

For more information, please visit our main website to learn about our online health content options, including a comprehensive library of health topics, online health tools, interactive features, daily health news, and more.


By providing your consumers with a credible and robust library of health tools, plus information on diseases and conditions, you can build brand loyalty, and draw more consumers to your online marketing efforts. With Concept Communications, you have access to a customized library that includes:

  an A-Z encyclopedia of diseases and conditions

  interactive health tools such as quizzes and calculators

  printable consumer health forms

  online glossaries

  daily health news

Healthcare Solutions

For hospitals and healthcare systems, Concept Communications provides an affordable and competitively priced way to enhance their websites with a consumer health portal, offering a full suite of health information and tools.

Healthcare Solutions

Concept Communications is a privately held company based in San Diego CA. We work with hospitals and health systems of all sizes, across the United States. If your hospital or healthcare system needs a comprehensive consumer health library, simply contact us for information on how your organization can benefit from our solutions.

"We are pleased to be a part of the online efforts of so many healthcare organizations, as they work to promote health and wellness," says Concept Communications' President Veronica McQuillan. Consumer demand for credible and easily-understood content is a trend that has grown noticeably in recent years. According to McQuillan, "Today, more than ever, a robust health library plays a key role in maintaining consumer interest online." Concept Communications' Vice-President Paul Daffinee says the demand for reliable health information is one that will continue to grow in the future. "Focus groups tell us that consumers now expect to see this type of information on a hospital's website," says Daffinee. "Licensing our content library gives our clients a turn-key solution for their websites, so their site visitors can more easily find the health and wellness information they want and need."

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